STEPHEN WADE NEBGEN has over forty (40) years in the entertainment industry. He has credits in theatre, film and literature. He is also an attorney with a specialty in entertainment law. He counsels clients regarding business formation, intellectual property matters in copyright and trademarks, contract negotiations and other corporate matters. Mr. Nebgen currently is working on a follow-up book to “Theodore’s Plate” and has also written a book on Entertainment Law that is used in a number of universities and colleges.

“I was married to my beautiful late wife, Jill, for 11 years, together a total of 13.  We had two wonderful children: our son, Austin, and our daughter, Lindsay. Jill was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and bravely fought it for six years. While she battled the disease and then ultimately passed, I had to raise our two small children. At bedtime, I read them children’s books. This special time together was both healing and bonding for us.”

“These experiences inspired me to write my own book – a warm, comforting tale of a child with a big heart. The small acts of generosity shown by Theodore and his family (taking in a stranger, giving him food and shelter, Theodore is sharing his plate with the King) emphasize how a simple gesture can have such significant results.”

In future books, Theodore will continue on his journey of discovery, learning life-changing lessons along the way. Keep checking back for updates!

Stephen Wade Nebgen



Anthony Noyes

Noyescraft Pictures is a design-driven animation and motion picture company based in  Arizona specializing in film, sound, illustration, 2D/3D motion graphics and animation. Established in 2008 by artist and founder Tony Noyes, Noyescraft Pictures has grown into a one-stop source for everything needed to effectively convey a message or tell the story.

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